How it Works: Five times a year, you will receive a selection of three seasonal cheeses with a combined weight of about 112 pounds. During the early part of the year the fresh cheeses are a blend of goat and sheep milk, while later in the year they will be exclusively goat milk. The flavor of Pennyroyal cheeses change with the seasons as the pasture grasses mature and the days become shorter. Each shipment will contain notes about how the cheese was made, as well as food and wine pairing suggestions. The annual cost, including freight, of a five-shipment Farm to Table subscription is $250 in California, $320 west of the Rockies and $350 east of the Rockies. You may sign up any time and we will bill your Visa or MC account.

Pennyroyal Farm will bill your annual Farm to Table membership to the credit card above. Please keep us informed of your current address. If delivery is made to your shipping address after we have sent you a shipment notification via email, you are responsible whether or not you still reside at that address and whether or not you receive that shipment. Please refrigerate your shipment upon arrival.
Local Cheeses, International Quality: Although our creamery is tiny and designed for a small flock of sheep and goats (the milking equivalent of ten cows), it is a state-of-the art facility with aging rooms as constant in temperature and humidity as the deepest French caves. Every Pennyroyal goat has a name and is treated like a member of the family; their fresh milk is turned into cheese within hours of milking. Pennyroyal's cheesemaker has crafted cheese in both France and California, so while Pennyroyal cheeses are handmade, and produced in tiny quantities, they reflect international quality standards.
Speedy Delivery: We ship our cheeses in cool, insulated cartons and we will notify you via email in advance of each shipment so that you can select the most convenient day for someone to be home. Some members may prefer to receive their packages at a work address, so please include the name of the business. By buying directly from our farm, you will help us maintain a healthy, diversified milking herd of goats and sheep and you will have the added pleasure of knowing where the cheese came from, perhaps even the name of the animals we milk.